SALE: 25% OFF BETSYK! $41.25 EACH!

Some seasons the BetsyK is more popular, sometimes its the Betsy. Lately it seems as if everybody is building OBs, so I have too many BetsyKs in stock. Bad for me, good for you! The BetsyK is my speaker of choice for enclosures of any sort. But, it can also be pressed into use on an OB. They are, of course, easy to use with helper woofers. But, they might be the best choice on their own for amps with a high output impedance (that raises the total Q of the system). So, some SET owners and many folks with classic/vintage pentode amps might find the BetsyK to be the ticket. Even if you are running new solid state, you can always add some series resistance to adjust the Q to taste. And if you are interested in building a box, poke around my forum at DIY audio for some great options from simple and reasonable to giant and fun.

I can’t offer too many pairs at this price, this is just a temporary stock correction. Let me know soon if you are interested, as this deal will go the way of the Purple before you know it!

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