The origin, according to Paul: A few years (or 15) ago, Paul adopted a wild burro (same thing as a Donkey) in Elm Creek, Nebraska for the paltry sum of $150. Burros make great pets. They are smart and friendly and will happily eat most anything you give them. They eat hay sheep will only sniff and they’re grateful for a little shed to keep them out of the cold wind and rain. They are good lookin’ in an “unconventional beauty” sort of way. And, especially if you get another one, they provide endless entertainment. Barney just won’t give up; no matter how many times Betsy kicks him in the face.

My Wild Burro Audio Lab speakers share these traits. You can build a set of open baffle speakers for around $200, including all the wood, hardware and even the wires. You might be able to use stuff you’ve got laying around. You don’t need much for tools. They’ll play well with friends. And, they sound good enough that you may never need to shell out the big bucks for a fancier critter. And like Betsy the Burro, Betsy the Speaker was made right here in the center of the USA.

In 2012, Paul handed the reins (pun intended) over to me. I’ve kept things pretty much on the same track, keeping costs low and excitement high. I gave a lot of thought about making a cat themed driver, because that’s the type of critter that fits in a small house in the city. Instead I went and sat and listened to some music.