I’m excited to introduce a brand new, one time offering from Wild Burro Audio, The Purple Speaker. These are brand new speakers from my normal US factory, made to the same standards as the Betsy and BetsyK. They have a paper cone, foam surround, steel basket and a 10oz magnet. The Qts is high enough to work on an OB, but due to the different suspension, the compliance is low enough that boxes can be reasonably sized! These specs are about as close as you can get to an all-around fullranger.

In addition, I thought I’d add another interesting wrinkle. As they are, no whizzer or dustcap is installed. I have noticed that folks often like to mess with the whizzer and/or bottom of the cone, be it the 99 cent tweak or the fancy stuff that Rethm does to Lowthers. So, with each speaker you get three different whizzers! The smallest is the same one used on the Betsy. The other two might look familiar to followers of other US made fullrangers. It only takes a minute to glue them on, but having them uninstalled makes it very easy to modify them prior to installation. The large whizzer begs to be cut to a more interesting profile. Think of the possibilities for ENaBLing! Of course, you can also cut one down to make only a dustcap and have a widebander.

Of course, the best news is the price! I got ‘em cheap, so you do too. The intro price is $18 each, $36 for a pair. I’ve already spent quite a few hours listening to them in my open baffle test mules, and I think you’ll be as pleased as I am!

I’ve got one batch of these, and I’m hoping to keep quite a few pairs for myself. So, don’t delay! Give me a holler and I’ll get a pair on your doorstep ASAP.