Well, a lot has happened in the last 5 years… one of the really big changes was Paul going on to law school (then graduating, moving to Colorado, clerking at the Co Supreme Court, and building a monster truck, leaving me at the reins.

It really has been a long time!

So, just a quick introduction:

I’m Douglas. I’ve been running wildburro for the last 4 years or so. I’ve actually never owned a burro, although they seem cool. I live in MN and am involved with the Audio Society of MN. I’m active on www.diyaudio.com (where WBA hosts a forum) and frequently lurk on lencoheaven and the asylum. I have a real job as a jet setting scientist and fathering a couple super sweet kids, so please understand that this is a hobby

I’m hoping to blog more frequently, updating you on my silly stereo journey, product developments, and introducing you to some of the projects that I’ve found to be pretty cool

-D to the g