I didn’t know if anybody would be interested in two pairs, but I’ve already had an inquiry. So, how about this: Buy one pair get a second pair (ordered at the same time) at a 20% discount. That’ll save ya’ $15 on a pair of Betsy’s or $16 on a pair of BetsyK’s. If you want a pair of each, I’ll still take $16 off. BTW, last I checked, over 160 folks have visited the site. So, I had poured myself a celebratory beer, an Ommegang Abbey Ale. I left it on a table next to the couch. While I was typing, I heard a funny noise. I looked over to where I had left the beer, and our Pico, our 9.5 lb toy poodle was guzzling it as fast as he could. It’s 8.5% Alc. He’ll sleep well tonight. And yes, I’m still going to drink the beer. pj