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Archive for March, 2009

Zillaaudio’s Betsy & Boomer Kit

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Jeff at Zillaaudio (Godzilla on the forums) has put together a fantastic looking OB kit for the Betsy.  It includes a pair of 15″ woofers, an outboard amplifier for them that includes a crossover and level control and all the cables you need for <$300.  You can order direct from his site.  This is really a great application for the Betsy, and could take her to a whole new level.  The price to performance ratio is perfectly in line with WBAL principles, and this sort of DIY’er cottage industry networking is really exciting to me.  Check out Jeff’s site for more info: http://www.zillaaudio.com/betsy-boomer.htm  I’m going to get this up on the projects page as soon as I can.


Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I’ve been fielding a few questions about the actual dimensions.  I’ll try and get a good graphic from my OEM, but for now: I use a 7 3/8″ hole.  It could be a little smaller, but this gives you some room for error.  The OD is 8.25″ and the fastener centers are 7 7/8″ across.  For those of you flush mounting, the basket/gasket edge is 5/16″ (don’t forget room for your gasket!).  BTW, my BIB’s have bolts just a little under 8 3/8″ across.  I put a little dent in the outside of the basket for each bolt, and secure my BetsyK’s from outside the frame under the edge of button head cap screws.  I works really slick, because I can swap drivers (well, those I’ve dented) by removing only two screws and loosening the bottom two.  pj 

20% Discount on a Second Pair!

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

I didn’t know if anybody would be interested in two pairs, but I’ve already had an inquiry.  So, how about this: Buy one pair get a second pair (ordered at the same time) at a 20% discount.  That’ll save ya’ $15 on a pair of Betsy’s or $16 on a pair of BetsyK’s.  If you want a pair of each, I’ll still take $16 off.   BTW, last I checked, over 160 folks have visited the site.  So, I had poured myself a celebratory beer, an Ommegang Abbey Ale.  I left it on a table next to the couch.  While I was typing, I heard a funny noise.  I looked over to where I had left the beer, and our Pico, our 9.5 lb toy poodle was guzzling it as fast as he could.  It’s 8.5% Alc.  He’ll sleep well tonight.  And yes, I’m still going to drink the beer.pj 

Why a single driver open baffle?

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Luminary designer Seigfried Linkwitz has been a proponent of multi-way open baffles for many years. Recently, commercial manufacturers like Jamo, AV123 and others have introduced highly successful models. And of course, the panel speaker (electrostat and planar) folks have been there all along. Getting the midrange driver out of the box brings an intoxicating openness and clarity to the sound. The speaker sound big and unencumbered. Voices and instruments sound “there”. Of course, there are downsides. Dipoles need to be positioned out in the room a good distance, as they’ve got sound coming from the rear of the speaker. If you want to fill a big room with deep, chest thumping OB bass, you’ll need 4 woofers. Or a woofer in-a-box on each side. (more…)